Designing a logo


After meeting Pete, our new VFX lecturer, he wanted us to get to begin by getting to grips with Adobe Illustrator, to do this he showed us how compose simple shapes and add text using layers whilst grouping them etc, personally, I decided to use this opportunity to make a logo that I could incorporate into Tony’s design work and to use for presenting my work from now on so that if any of it gets recognised or is liked by a developer or anybody they have a way of finding out it was created by myself.

When designing it I wanted to incorporate the NextGen Logo to both promote the course and let partnered developers know I take part in it. My initials so that they’ll know it is me that it’s by and colours that will go with the logo. Personally I think achieved this pretty well as I was ale to do it in a way that is both simple and eye-catching but is subtle also. However, to improve it I would like to put a white outline around the NextGen logo so that the ‘Gen’ part can be seen more clearly.


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