Creating art in Flash


In today’s lesson with Matt we were discussing the common art styles used in flash games, ones that use primitive shapes which is a simple but good looking way of creating the art of a flash game, this is usually because with the tools available it is hard to achieve detail and when PNG’s are imported the image is both distorted and lacks in revolution, so, we started with the shapes shown in the middle there, we were shown them on the board and told to recreate them in flash using the tools available, once achieving that we were given the task to change them to the ones on the right which I did since that was my copy.

Finally we were shown Matt’s Flash made portrait and given the task to make our own, beginning it I found it difficult to visualise myself, I started with my rather large head, adding hair and giving it a cartoon look about it , before long a friend mentioned that I was starting to look like a worm from the game Worms, so, being on a games course why not role with it? Giving myself a worm body and adding some shading with not a lot of time, I think I did an alright job.


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