UV Unwrapping the spaceship; Lesson 3

Moving onto the next step of my spaceship 3D model, before texturing we had to UV unwrap it. To begin with, I was confused with the general process of it, nothing particularly specific with the unwrapping but just had to get used to the process because doing it in Maya was strange for me as I have only modelled and unwrapped in 3DS Max but I shortly got to grips with the process and started find it pretty easy before long. highlighting the faces and then making a planar map of them before using the smooth UV tool to unfold it and make sue there are no overlapping UVs, then, stitch the attached faces. Here are some screenshots of the model and below the UV unwrap so far.


Currently, there is a problem with the lower left part of the wing as you can probably see which I am yet to figure out how to fix, there are no visible problems when zooming in on the problematic area but I will look further into how to fix it, this was only my first lesson starting on this so I will update this blog when there is an update in the process of fixing this.


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