Maya Spaceship Project Lessons 1 and 2

This lesson was the first lesson of 3D modelling and we were learning the basics of Maya and were given a task to model our own Spaceship, personally, I used the lessons’ ship to trial and error anything that I was unsure about (please refer to screenshot), making sure that I had some skills under my belt before making my attempt at it. I will begin another in my free time to be able to be able to browse more concepts online of different designs and eventually make a 3D model that will show the skill and thought that will go into it.




So, in my free time I started looking up simple designs / concepts of spaceships online that  would be simple and not difficult to replicate at a beginner level, I wanted something that wasn’t too big and bulky but instead was a more sleek and simple design. In the end I thought of a horseshoe like design in the way that it curves behind the back and the thrusters at the ends (Screenshots shown below), the cockpit is centred in the middle at the front and I used several tools and techniques to complete this. A variety of tools were used to make this, such as the extrusion tools, rotation tools and the translate tools. Mirroring was also an important part of this design to get both sides perfect.

The next step is UV unwrapping in the next lesson.


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