Maze game in Flash

For our first lesson with Chris, since our knowledge was lacking, he gave us a ready made flash program of a maze game, using a simple bit of code that you use the mouse to drag the player sprite through a maze of walls that if you touched you would be sent back to the start.

He then gave us the more artsy task of changing the maze structure, background and colours etc. I personally looked forward to this aspiring to be an environmental artist so I began thinking of what the environment/theme would be, I chose that it would be in a cave and given a pentagon theme throughout.


Cheesy title, check. I personally don’t like the title screen as in wasn’t able to make the background of the sky one block colour, making this screen too complicated in my opinion. We did all of this by editing the scene and the level.


The second level I personally love, this was my favourite part of my maze.


I personally love how the complexity of the pentagons give the level such a nice gradient in the design, I also made it look like there were obstacles like lava in the way to make it seem like you were going on an adventure which I also loved.


Altogether I really loved this project, although it was a lot of effort in doing so many pentagons, the outcome was simple but really nice in my opinion. I really enjoyed making 2D environments and hope to soon move onto 3D, If I could have changed what I did with this I would have done some concepts before beginning this.


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