Creating A Game In Unity


To create the game I need for my Level 2 I decided to use the Unity game engine, I made this decision as between that and Unreal Engine (The two programs that I’m most familiar with) , more sources are available and also tutors at my college to help me make this. Also Unity allows me to develop my coding skills more, my tutor also has made quite a few games that are top down so I know i’ll be going down that route as well.

Research Dossier of forests:

Doing this I was thinking about making concepts for my game, the things that I would need to think about the look of most was the types of shrubbery and assets that would be static in the forrest, I decided that i’d end up doing concepts for those so that they’d end up fitting the dark, dead theme that I want it to follow, those will be shown later in this blog.

Game Design Document:

Summary of the game

For my game I have decided to do a Top Down Zombie survival shooter of which the player must survive under challenging conditions, for example, the fact that the player is in a dark cramped forrest, this means that he/she has little space to hide and will constantly be on the move, worried with the combination of all whilst having the looming scoreboard that the player will be constantly aware of trying to beat their past scores only adds when they achieve a kill, this means that there is replayable value to this. In short the player must survive for as long as they can against hordes of zombies to get the highest score.

Game Character and Playable Items:

To stick with the low poly theme and the fact that I don’t have enough skill yet to model, rig and animate a character, the player will be a block and so will the zombies, to help distinguish between the two the zombies will be a dark green with stumpy arms coming out to grab the player, the player will be red holding a grey gun, the gun will be set to shoot at the same rate of fire as an AK-47 so that the player has some familiarity with this gun to others in other shooters. Someday I hope to make it so that there will be drops of health and powerups so that the game lasts longer and the player doesn’t find it too challenging.

Game World:

The game will be set in an opening in an overgrown forrest, surrounded by dead trees of which the zombies come out of.


The player starts in the forrest and has to survive for as long as possible against hordes of zombies racking up points with each kill to see how man they get in the end.


The goal is simple, survive for as long as possible and gain as many points as you can.


I have background music and gun sounds to import into my game and also 3D models of Trees, Tree stumps, a collection of low poly rocks and the block Zombies. Here are some of the concepts I made for the models and then screenshots of the models I made;

Concept Art:

IMG_2161Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 22.36.27




In the end, my game has met all requirements of the game design document that I made in my opinion, here are a few screenshots of the final product.




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