Creating Digital Sound

“Be able to design original digital sounds to meet the requirements of a simple computer game design brief.”

For this part of my specification i thought I’d keep my ideas simplistic by making simple 8-Bit sounding effects as 8-Bit games are very popular but at the same time can be very plain when using sound. This is because the graphics used can be overly simplified so if the sounds used were realistic they would be out of place and make the game odd to play.

When thinking of what games to take reference from when creating the sound, I thought of old ones i used to play on websites like Miniclip when I was younger.

Games like Commando instantly sprung to mind;

Or more recent games like BroForce;

For sound effects in these games they are uncomplicated yet still easily distinguishable when it comes to which sounds are explosives, dialogue, gun shots etc…

To complete this part of my assignment, I used a previously mentioned website, Bfxr. Here are my attempts at making certain sound effects, not using the presets.










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