Producing sound in games

Depending on the complexity of a game the use of the Hardware and Software may be as little as a few sounds to indicate a pick up of a coin of a shot of a gun, maybe even a death of an enemy, or for AAA games like Bethesda’s game series Elder Scrolls or Fallout it may be as much as a full album’s worth of content and then sound effects like the ones listed above on top of that.

In my case I only need to make a simple game so simple sound effects can be made, I will most likely use a website called Bfxr, a great way of creating simple sounds,  a few examples are; coin pickups, explosions, jumping. I could also use pre made packages that are able to be downloaded online, this will make it easier to gather them but may not be the quality or the exact sound i need so I will most likely not use this.

In games like mine they most likely would use a mixer to produce their sound effects, an easy, free way to produce sounds like the ones used on Bfxr that may give a wide variety of outcomes, usually this would e for the more fictional games as these sounds are more electronic (sounding 8-Bit) and would not usually be heard in real life, for the more realistic games or games that developers would like to be more true to life, they would most likely record their own sounds of real life objects or beings so that they sound the most realistic they can be, the sounds that are recorded for games can have a huge range, usually in a fighting game they would record the sounds of items or fists hitting different objects with different impact rates, or the sound of whooshing cloth as that is the thing that would mostly be heard when throwing a punch (clothes as the arm extends) I found this video which explains this process very well, up until they start promoting stuff completely unrelated at 8:30, I’d recommend only watching until then.

They also posted an in-depth video on how they have recorded gun sound effects (shooting, reloading, shell casing dropping to the floor). There is also promoting here from 4:40 until 7:18.

As you can see from those two videos, recording your own sound is a long hard process, having to record so many takes of so many different things that must not have any other sounds in it like cars, birds, planes.

Now, recording music for games is slightly different as it can all be done indoors but can still be very difficult if needing vocals or instruments, this will require the hiring of sometimes an orchestra or choir on a huge scale. Here is how they did it for Bloodborne and Skyrim.

Obviously there is the final option of buying music and sound effect packages online to use in games also, I may also use free ones like this in my level 2 project as they offer an easily accessible and wide variety of sounds to use.



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